Karla saw this wonderful idea of creating a message board from an old shutter door. So needless to say, she wanted to try it for herself. Great was her surprise when one Saturday morning, while driving along and minding her own business, someone had put one out, right by their mailbox, for free. This project was meant to be and she wasted no time to get started on it. It turned out that it was a bit more challenging than what she had hoped for. Painting this puppy was no walk in the park, but she persevered and lathered on one layer of paint after the other. The horizontal slats are what made it such a pain to paint. Looking back now, we should really have used the paint sprayer on this one! (We still needed to master the technique of using the sprayer, at this point.) Since the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is rather on the expensive side, we were hesitant to use it in the paint sprayer for this project. Actually, we did try using the chalk paint in the sprayer, but more paint ended up on the tarp, than on the pieces we tried to paint. So, back we went to the old school way of hand painting it, slat by slat until our shutter door remake was complete. We laughed so much while working on this project because it was hard to make it stand up while painting it. It wanted to fall over all the time. One day, Karla placed it on a wooden stump in the back yard, where she worked on it. A gush of wind came out of nowhere and made it fall over on her head, while she was not looking. She was okay, but mortified and hysterical with laughter at the same time. She was determined to win the battle of the shutter door remake, and she did! We were proud to offer it for sale at a flea market at Pier Village in Long Branch during the summer of 2012. Make is stand up like this in one corner of your kitchen and use it as a information station. It can also be mounted on a wall for a more secure option. After a lot of hours put into this piece and a learning curve, in the beginning of our furniture painting days, it turned out marvelous! It now resides somewhere on the Jersey shore in someone's beautiful home. It got an awful lot of re-pins on Pinterest too!